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Welcome Home Plush Bots!!

Plush Bots Pics

Hi Friends,
Bluebird here with very belated homecoming pics of my new Prowl and Jazz plushots from Suzy C at Plushology https://www.etsy.com/shop/Plushology Bluestreak has also joined the family too, as well as a Jazz!kitty. And the all have their special cold weather wear. (Well Jazz had a super cool long scarf, and Prowl logically had me cut it in half since his doorwings get cold too and he didn't have anything yet.. Bluestreak has a whole snuggle he is not sharng.Puppet Prowl came out to welcome the new bots =) More close up pics soon!

Another special box has arrived and will be photographed very soon =)

Prowl comes to TF Prime toys!!!

I got the mini version, but once this cutie lands out here in my state, he's coming home =)   http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/transformers-prime-39/beast-hunters-deluxe-prowl-in-hand-images-178109/ What do you think? Anyone heard if we are getting a TFPrime Jazz?

Link to current TF Prime Episode -

Second to last in the current series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j40JFaVdJM

Watch it fast before they take it down from Youtube!!! Amazing eppy, filled with lots of action, interactions and some of my favorite lines from the whole show. I think Ratchet's voice actor needs an award for his work, no question!! Preview at the end for the LAST TF PRIME EPISODE EVER!!!

TFPrime - Link to current episode

Hiya everyone!! If you are looking for a link to the current TF Prime episode Persuasions, it's being blocked off of youtube, so I found another source - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x11ujg2_tfprimes-persuasions_shortfilms#.UeCxEZXn9kg

You can't miss this!! Not going to spoil anything, but since we only have 2 more eppies left, you don't want to miss out!!

Christmas arrived today!!!

I received two very unassuming packages today which of course my local plushies were more than happy to help me open They had seen me shopping on a certain Salty Coffee Etsy shop and heard tell they might have new friends arriving soon. The Jazzes were already plotting, and the twins had pushed open the lid a tad. Ratch and Hide are trying to supervise. I feel a bit sorry for Prowl as he is going to have his hands very full : -)
TF arrivals 002
Hiya Friends!!
TF arrivals 006
Now we have bity Hide and bity Ratch, bity Hound and Raj, TC - who I am sure will keep everyone else on their peds until I buy him a Screamer and Warp of his own, and a twin set of twins. Yep, Prowler has a helm ache =)

TF arrivals 010
My other package was Season 2 of TF Prime...now me and the keybots can go watch some quality TV =) Thanks again to S Cheung as always for her amazing work and check out her etsy store Salty Coffee!! These are my bots, but there are always more to be loved and given a good home!!!
I come with gifts of the virtual kind =)

First, there is an amazing fan who has create a website with links to many if not all of the Transformers Prime Episodes - Since the majority have been taken off Youtube, she has stored them remotely for your viewing pleasure. Since we still have a few weeks until the next eppy Aug 24 with "Hurt" go check them out here: http://tfpepisodes.webs.com/

Secondly, I'm bouncing around my place over a new batch of toys from TF Prime. I scored a Commander class Megatron, Legion class Breakdown, Vehicon, and a red Mirage!! (They must have got a discount on red paint!!) and a TFPrime Soundwave in SUV form that reminds me very much of his TFA form.

But here are the special pictures for Mouse and all of us Hide fans...TFPrime Ironhide: Heavy Munitions: "Ironhide is always ready for for "anything involving a fight. Surly, tough, and spoiling for battle, Ironhide has made a career out of blasting Decepticons to pieces. His Laserproof armon makes him a tough opponent for even the most powerful warriors."  I hope you can see from the pictures he has a G1 head mold on a modified Movieverse body...Can I say how much I love the red accents and the bullybars? They look like fun...just sayin!!

 ironhide pics 004
ironhide pics 011
ironhide pics 006

ironhide pics 009
ironhide pics 010
TF Prime Ironhide

a meme I like!!

MMouse is doing it, and I liked it so much I'm going to give it a try. I want to get the creative juices flowing for some new stories:

give me a character and i will answer:
  • why i like them
  • why i don’t
  • favorite episode (scene if movie)
  • favorite season/movie
  • favorite line
  • favorite outfit
  • otp
  • brotp
  • head canon
  • unpopular opinion
  • a wish
  • an oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
  • 5 words to best describe them
  • my nickname for them


TF Prime: Triage

I come with linkies =)


Both Ratchet and Wheeljack being awesome =)

And Ratchet has a new line - My name isn't Doc!!

Super cute...ending packs a punch!!!

Suzie, are you going to make a TF Prime Jackie for your collection?

New TF Prime Episode!!

Latest and greatest TF Prime episode is up for your viewing pleasure: Triangulation - My summary: Look what Starscream has gotten himself into now...on so many levels =) Because we needed another Screamer centric eppy =)


Any thoughts? What do you think?


New TF Prime Episode